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WhatsApp is a cross-platform smartphone app that allows users to send and receive messages across several mobile platforms (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phones).

A smart phone user can miss your text message but not your WhatsApp marketing message because it arrives before the traditional text message.

It is now feasible to reach out to your target audience more quickly than ever before. The WhatsApp Broadcast List function is to thank for this. Broadcast Lists are pre-populated lists of message receivers to which marketers can send broadcast messages without having to select them each time.

WhatsApp announced WhatsApp for Business, allowing business users to divide their personal and professional conversations. Businesses may now incorporate WhatsApp into their operations and better manage customer communication as a result of the new functionality. You’ll be able to provide real-time client care over WhatsApp.

This service improves customer service and provides your consumers with direct and tailored guidance. GentleDig ensures that all WhatsApp-related services help your company reach its objectives. It might also be a good idea to optimize your service with WhatsApp Web. Using all of WhatsApp’s features will allow you to provide your users with unmatched support.

WhatsApp opens up a whole new world of possibilities for mobile marketing

Business owners are beginning to recognize the marketing possibilities of WhatsApp for their company. Some of the reasons why WhatsApp marketing has exploded in popularity in such a short period of time. There are several compelling reasons why this cross-platform messaging software is redefining marketing-to-audience communication.

Multiple Media Formats Are Supported

Text-based messaging has some drawbacks. Assume you wish to send your clients a new year’s message or photographs of your newly introduced goods. It’s hard to do so via text messaging because it doesn’t support images. With WhatsApp, however, this is not the case.

It allows you to deliver messages Text, Images, Videos, vCard’s, Voice message to clients

Unlimited Messages, Multi-Multimedia Messages, Numbers Filters, Groups Contacts Grabber, Anti Block Module, Sleep Control, Speed Control, Delay Control, and more functions are included.

Important Features

  1. Download and use right away. There is no need to wait!
  2. Send an unlimited number of bulk WA messages to an unlimited number of recipients.
  3. Send as many WA messages, images, videos, and documents as you want.
  4. Data can be imported and exported from or into Microsoft Excel and a.txt file.
  5. There is no need to purchase credits.
  6. Multiple Sender ID accounts can be managed.
  7. With an immediate chat reply, you can keep track of who is sending messages.
  8. Updates and support are provided at no cost.
  9. It’s compatible with the Windows operating system.
  10. Contact names and custom variables are included in personalized messages.
  11. After you’ve sent your message, you’ll receive delivery reports.
  12. Multiple WA accounts can be added (Multi Channels).
  13. With only one click, you may send several attachments.
  14. Messages in many languages (Reduce chance of blocking)
  15. Configurations for advanced sending
  16. While sending the mails, rotate the sender numbers.
  17. Setup a WhatsApp Business Account

Personalized Text Messages

Send a personalized message to your customers that includes their name. Your message will be formatted as “Dear First Name/ Full Name/ Last Name, This Personalizes Your Message.”

Sent With a Single Click

Doesn’t it sound incredible that with just 8 clicks in the full software, you can send a message to 10,000 customers? That’s why we call WA Marketing Tool Cheaper | Faster | Better & Smarter.

Spend Less and Get More

Our Software is Unique and Reliable because to its 20+ Extraordinary Features. Now Get Started with Your WA Marketing Success.

Limitless Bulk WA

Send unlimited personalized messages with attachments and captions that include the recipient’s name or other variables.

The Most Effective Tool

WA is used more frequently than SMS or Email Marketing, and it is the quickest way to personally contact your customers.

Marketing With a Return on Investment

Guaranteed Return on Investment in Marketing as we previously stated, this is a highly effective tool that generates business at a very low cost.

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