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Twitter Advertising

Every day, millions of tweets are sent between hundreds of millions of Twitter users. This is one of the most effective social media sites for getting the word out about your brand.

Twitter advertisements management allows businesses to promote their brands by executing ad campaigns that showcase their products and services. Twitter advertising offer a global reach that may help you build a positive brand image, increase brand value, and raise brand recognition.

Our team of social media experts at GentleDig Tech offers a full range of Twitter ads services, including strategy development, ad campaigns, ad launch, and ad monitoring.

Twitter ad campaigns are relatively easy to set up and administer, and there is no minimum advertising budget, which makes it ideal for promoting brands and products.

Twitter Advertising’s Benefits

With hundreds of millions of Twitter users, it is advantageous for many types of sectors and enterprises to establish a strong online presence by utilizing Twitter campaign management services to receive the following benefits.

  1. The ability to reach a larger audience
  2. Improved lead generation
  3. Various types of advertisements to promote a business or a product
  4. To reconnect with abandoned users, re-targeting is used.
  5. Insights and statistics to assess the effectiveness of ad campaigns

Along with these benefits, GentleDig Tech also provides personalized programs, social media expert assistance, audience and market analytics, and insight and statistics to help our clients develop the ideal approach for achieving extraordinary business success.

 Twitter Ads Types

There are a variety of Twitter advertising to choose from when it comes to achieving corporate goals and implementing a social media marketing plan.

Promoted Tweets: In this case, the advertiser pays to have the content of an ad campaign displayed in order to promote it to a larger audience, which includes both brand followers and non-brand followers. These tweets appear to be typical tweets with the exception that they have a ‘Promoted’ label in the lower left-hand corner. Likes, retweets, and comments can all be made on these tweets. An ad campaign in video format can also be created here, and if its duration is less than 60 seconds, it will be instantly played on users’ timelines.

Promoted Accounts: Here, an advertiser can promote a brand’s whole Twitter account. This is done to target non-followers of the brand in order to increase audience size by spreading brand awareness and product information. Promoted accounts appear in the timelines of brand followers, as well as in search results and suggestions for who to follow.

Promoted Trends: These are ad campaigns that are based on popular themes and hashtags. These campaigns have a high turnover rate and show on the Twitter account’s right-hand side. Users can like, follow, and comment on tweets in the same way they can on regular tweets, with the exception that brand purchases will appear as ‘promoted’ to the specified demographic.

Automated Ads: This ad kind is particularly useful for businesses with a limited budget and team size to manage their digital marketing campaigns. Twitter Promote Mode is an option in automated ads that promotes a brand’s profile and Tweets on users’ timelines.

Create an account with Twitter Ads

The first thing we do is create a Twitter advertisements account for our customer and fill in all of the necessary information. Many capabilities, such as ad kinds, tracking, and statistics connected to ad campaigns, are available through the Twitter advertisements account.

Advertisement’s Goal:

Our social media marketing professionals develop the ad campaign objectives based on the three categories below after knowing the business requirements.

  1. Perception: The goal of this ad campaign is to reach out to a new audience and raise brand awareness on a large scale. This focuses on the audience that are most likely to purchase the items and services.
  2. Consider the following: The goal of this ad campaign is to entice visitors to your site to watch, click, and participate. Advertisers pay a nominal charge to have visitors view their videos, download their apps, visit their website, or follow them on Twitter.
  3. Conversion: The goal of this marketing campaign is to encourage both brand followers and non-followers to take action, which is to make a purchase of the items or services. In the case of large E-commerce enterprises, the goal of the ad campaign is to urge customers to request catalogs, quotations, forms, and other information in order to place an order. In this case, the advertiser pays for each user click.

Administration and bidding of ad groups: our staff manages ad groups and divides them into several categories to target different audiences, budget caps, schedules, and creative uses. By just hitting the ad group to start in a certain timetable, this aids in Twitter campaign management. Team will bid on behalf of the customer to pay for each encounter within the budget limit after the ad groups have been organized.

Targeting: Managing Twitter ads allows you to reach a large number of people. Our social media professionals analyze consumers based on demographics, geographic locations, requirements, and preferences in order to design an effective ad campaign that incorporates high-ranking keywords, creative inputs, and other factors.

Launch Ad Campaign: High-resolution images/videos, high-ranking keywords, crisp text, and creative inputs are used to create ad campaigns. After that, our staff selects the location on the screen where the Twitter ad will appear and launches it.

Ad formats: GentleDig offers a variety of marketing forms to help you execute a successful ad campaign on Twitter. Call-to-action, copy, tone, and media are all common components of any ad type. The advertising formats provided by GentleDig are listed below.

  1. Ads with photos
  2. Advertisements in video
  3. Ads on canvas
  4. Advertisements in catalogs
  5. Advertisements on banners

Audit of the Campaign: Team GentleDig Tech assesses the performance of a Twitter marketing campaign using data from Twitter and Google analytics. This assists in determining the reach, clicks, CPC, CTR, impressions, engagement rate, and purchases of the campaign.

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