Youtube Thumbnails

Your THUMBNAIL is the first thing your viewers can see, which is why it is the most important part of your video!

What good is it to rank a video if no one watches it?

We will create custom thumbnail designs for all of your YouTube videos, which will help you convert SCROLLERS into VIEWERS and improve the output of your video!

GentleDig Tech caters to YouTube creators. Our aim is to make stunning, attention-grabbing thumbnails for your YouTube videos!

GentleDig Tech offers Custom Thumbnail Design is available for any type of video, in any niche!

Why Do You Use Custom YouTube Thumbnails?

You must find a way to make your videos stand out among the hundreds of hours of content posted every minute on YouTube.

It’s critical to produce high-quality, engaging videos that audiences enjoy. You won’t get any views if you can’t get people to click on them. Your title and thumbnail are the two keyways to encourage clicks. It’s important to get this mix just right.

Custom thumbnails are used in 90% of YouTube’s top-performing videos, according to the YouTub’s company.

The image you see is “custom,” which means it wasn’t taken directly from the video and was instead created specifically for the purpose of gaining views.

It will usually include a picture related to the video, as well as text and, on rare occasions, a logo.

The approx 800 most popular YouTube videos were analyzed in March by the best SEO companies, and some interesting patterns were discovered.


  1. A human image appeared in 72 percent of the images. These videos received 1000000 more views on average than those without a human face.
  2. Videos with a logo or brand in the thumbnail received an extra 1.5 million views on average than those without.
  3. 80% of the most popular videos had a title or description text.
  4. 90% of the most popular videos were dynamic and colorful. These videos received more views on average than those with a more minimalist color scheme.

Optimize the description and thumbnails of your YouTube videos:

Optimize your YouTube video thumbnails and descriptions for the best performance, as they provide insight into your videos. A photo and a caption are essential components of a YouTube thumbnail image.

Include an attention-getting picture that combines a photo and a caption. The main goal is to make a thumbnail with a visual representation of the video material.

To boost YouTube SEO, do not forget to use keywords in your video descriptions. Also, make sure that the explanations help and complement the quality of your YouTube video. You can also use catchy phrases to lure users to watch your videos by using catchy phrases.

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