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Penalty Recovery

Google’s search engine is continuously being updated to boost the user experience.

These updates’ ultimate aim is to have the best possible responses to any and all search queries.

Businesses and advertisers soon realized how important a first-page search result could be as Google’s popularity expanded in the early days of the internet. In order to secure some useful first-page search result.

Any of these strategies were and continue to be appropriate. There is nothing wrong with optimizing a web page so that Google (and readers) can better understand it.

However, some of these strategies are immoral. This is referred to as “Black Hat” SEO in the digital marketing world.

Google, as we all know, is a smart company. They became aware of the immoral and deceptive activities and took action against them. Google began changing its algorithms and assigning “penalties” to websites that did not follow Google’s quality guidelines.

Penalties are often imposed as a result of “black hat” tactics. Occasionally, they are unintentional errors made by ambitious website operators. It is a frustrating experience, regardless of whether a site is penalized.

We will solve the issues of most popular Google penalties, and we will resolve any problems and reverse the damage.

What Is a Google Penalty and How Does It Work?

The aim of Google’s search engine penalties is to deter websites from engaging in “deceptive or manipulative activity.”

What are Google’s methods for discouraging this behavior? By removing any of a website’s important search rankings.

Your site may one day be all over Google’s first list, ranking highly for a slew of keywords. After Google assesses a penalty, the website will not even rank for advertised keywords the next day

In essence, a Google penalty is a Google activity that has a negative impact on a website’s search rankings.

We collaborated with one customer who experienced a significant drop in traffic as a result of a Panda, penguin penalty. They lost half of their organic traffic in just a few days. They were subjected to the punishment for many years. Thankfully, inter was able to spot the penalty and stop the slow decline in organic traffic.

After Google learned that another client was a member of a private blog network, they lost 80% of their organic traffic.

What Effect Do Google Penalties Have on a Website?

Google penalty can have a major impact on a website’s organic traffic. Inter has firsthand knowledge of the situation.

To be completely honest, the client had no idea the site was a PBN. They just bought the website a few months ago from a different owner. Inter discovered the problem and was able to fully recover from the Google penalty

These kinds of stuff do not just happen to small businesses. Google slapped and penalty if buying spamming backlinks from outside sites.

We can help you with figuring out you are being penalized by checking manually. We can fix algorithmic penalty by some of the tools. We can remove bad backlinks through Google disavow tool.

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