pinterest advertising
pinterest advertising

Pinterest Advertising

Using Pinterest Ads to Grow Your Business

Promoted pins can help you expand your business by establishing brand trust, making content go viral, generating traffic, attracting new customers, and more. Most of companies have all used Pinterest to achieve their business objectives, and you should too. Here are some more compelling reasons to promote your business on Pinterest.

More than 200 million people use the site on a monthly basis.

Pinterest receives over 2 billion monthly searches.

There are almost 7 billion pins with marked business locations on Pinterest.

What Can You Get from a GentleDig Advertising Agency?

  1. Boost Brand Recognition
  2. Increase the number of people that interact with your pins
  3. Increase your website’s traffic
  4. Boost Your Sales
  5. Search ranking improvement
  6. Extremely high level of interaction

Pinterest marketing has 3 essential components:

Pin boards: Pinterest users must build pin boards in order to upload their material. Pinterest boards are what they’re called. The user can give it a name, write a description for it, and begin adding stuff.

Pin: Every image you publish to the platform counts as a pin.

Repin: A Repin is when you share someone else’s pin on your Pinterest board.

The business Pinterest marketing process we use is as follows:

Create business account: We develop a Pinterest business profile for you to promote your company.

Creating and optimizing pages: The development of a business page is the initial step in Pinterest marketing. When creating your username and vanity URL, we always utilize your company name. A appropriate description is required to ensure that people understand the nature of the firm.

In order to acquire your users’ trust, we additionally validate your website with the page. We begin establishing boards after the page has been verified. We keep your services, products, and company in mind as we work.

Pin and Repin: Once your boards are complete, we begin pinning and repining. When we pin original content, we make certain that it is of good quality. Overall, taller images work better on the space than wider images. As a result, whenever we create images for Pinterest, we aim to make them as tall as possible.

Social interaction: Pinning or repining will not suffice. You need to follow people who are relevant to your industry. Begin interacting with them through their pins as well. This will assist us in forming a community around your Pinterest page as quickly as possible. Relevant hashtags on your pins will help you gain more visibility on Pinterest and drive more visitors to your website.

Pinterest, when used correctly, may provide excellent traffic and branding results. To learn more about Pinterest Marketing

How much does it cost to set up a business account on Pinterest?

Setting up a Pinterest business account is absolutely free of cost. You have to go to open a Business Pinterest Profile. Once Business account is created you can start pinning your post on its board.

Do you provide custom Pinterest marketing packages?

Yes, based on your niche and your business environment, we provide customized Pinterest marketing packages. We also provide combined social media packages for your business.

What is the advertising procedure on Pinterest?

You can advertise on Pinterest by creating a pin and post it. Later you can promote that pin by paying Pinterest according to its charges. You have to set a budget you can spend on the pin.

How does Pinterest advertising help us to grow our business?

Pinterest has more then 3 million users on it monthly, 1 million business are registered on Pinterest. Yes it does help to grow your business as recently its demand has increased, since Instagram is been purchased by Facebook.

What is the role of Pinterest Marketing Agency?

Hiring a Pinterest Advertising agency is helpful as they have an expertise to design a campaign and place an ad to its required position.

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